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Rick Jennings

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Sean Allen
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School of Leaders:
Sean Allen

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Scott Weber

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Bill D'Andrea

Steve Sulentic

(574) 340 0790

Cursillo 3-Days:
John Wendel
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Patti Hobbs
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Tom Hobbs
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Palanca Leader
Rich Lomanto
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Spiritual Advisors:

Rev. Robert Nogosek, C.S.C.
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Spiritual Advisors Emeriti:
Sr. Margie Lavonis, C.S.C
Rev. Paul Doyle, C.S.C.

P. O. Box 1613
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Ft. Wayne-South Bend Diocese Cursillistas Database Our Fort Wayne-South Bend Cursillista Database is no longer available over the Internet. To obtain contact information about Cursillistas from our diocese, please contact Don Napol at donald.napoli@fwsbcursillo.org or at donald.napoli@yahoo.comi.

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May 30, 2017

Ultreya remains primarily a kind of meeting place where individuals can go to make new acquaintances, to make and be friends — and
develop friendships of the type that will drive, strengthen, direct and sustain the conversion process and all its unsuspected blessings.
Make an effort to attend an Ultreya at a location near you.

Schedule For Ultreyas in 2017:

First Thursday of the Month: St. Patrick Parish Center, South Bend, IN. 7:00 p.m.
Second Thursday of the Month: St, Vincent, Fort WFourthayne, IN 7:00 p.m.
Fourth Thursday of the Month: Knights of Columbus Hall, Syracuse, IN 7:00 p.m.

For information on Ultreya, you can contact Tom Hobbs at (260) 424-5314

Fr. BobWe grieve deeply the departure from us of Neal Garwood, who in many ways was a model for us as a Cursillista.
He had a great gift of sharing his faith outlook with others and loved our Cursillo movement with his whole heart.
We could pray that many of us would receive his Cursillo commitment and Cursillo gift of friendship built on our faith.
May we never forget his example of being a Cursillista


Before He suffered and died for us, Jesus promised to send the “Advocate”. And before He ascended to the Father He promised to send
the “Holy Spirit.” On the Feast of the Ascension we are reminded of His promises and as June begins we celebrate the fulfillment of His
promises with the Feast of Pentecost. We pray “Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in us the fire of your love”
almost every time and occasion that Cursillistas gather. We strengthen our faith by reminding ourselves by that prayer that the Holy Spirit
will guide us and that the promises Jesus made will be honored.This is a good time to seek the assistance of the Holy Spirit in aspecial way
by making a Novena to the Holy Spirit beginning this coming Friday and culminating on the eve of Pentecost. And during that Novena,
thank the Holy Spirit for the gifts bestowed on us and beseech the Holy Spirit for guidance to the Cursillo Movement in our diocese, in
our nation and in the world.

Your assistance is needed. Attempts are being made to update and confirm contact information for Cursillistas in the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese. If you fit that description please reply to the e-mail delivering the Newsletter with your up to date name, address,
telephone and e-mail info. We welcome receiving the same info from others who receive the Newsletter.


The tripod of piety, study and action is a restating of the Baltimore Catechism’s answer to the question of “Why did God make me?” — to
know Him, to love Him and to serve Him in this world and to be happy with Him in the next. The object of our study as Cursillistas is
condensed in the prayer of St. Augustine. “Lord Jesus, let me know myself and know You”. The use of our intellect to become aware of
who God made us to be and His love and mercy for us can only guide us a deeper relationship with Jesus, piety, and focus our will on
fulfilling God’s purpose for us, action.

The School of Leaders provides an opportunity for a Cursillista to develop in all three aspects of piety, study and action and is particularly
useful for study. The function of the School of Leaders is to assist a Cursillista to become aware of their talents, to see ways to discern
what God desires and wants for us and to explore ways in which we can take action to share our love of Jesus with the people we

You can contact Sean Allen, chair of the School of Leaders, (858) 354-9006, for information and details on where and when
the School of Leaders sessions are held.

THE FOURTH DAY. The Cursillo provides a call to be a Christian, to dedicate one’s life to Christ and to live Christ fully and completely.
As “Fundamentals Ideas” clearly states: Christian life "stirs up every baptized personand requires each...to follow and imitate Jesus
Christ, to embrace the Beatitudes, to listen to the Word of God and imitate it, to participate consciously and actively in the liturgical and
sacramental life of the Church, to engage in personal, family, and community prayer, to have a hunger and thirst for justice, and to put
into practice the commandment of love in all circumstances of life and in service to others, especially the least, the poor, and the
suffering." (FI #424)

This is, in short, the "new way of life" of which Pope John Paul II has spoken so often: the civilization of "new people." (FI #425)
Cursillo provides us with a method through which we learn to live the Gospel in the everyday circumstances of our lives. It is a
roadmap for our lives as Christians – to live the Gospel as laity. It makes us Christians responding to the call of our baptism and the call
of the Church. A Christian is a person who has accepted the call of Jesus to make the Father’s love tangible and felt by others.
Their primary mission is to feed others with the conviction of their value, dignity and importance in the Father’s eyes. The life of every
Christian and their personal conversion undergoes continual change as they realize that every person, every event, everything one does,
is a vehicle of new and different possibilities for the Gospel. The whole essence of Cursillo is simply to help the person, not only to live
the Good News, but to become the Good News for the other person within the normality of their lives where they are at the moment.

The beauty of the Cursillo Movement is that God sends us companions to journey with us, people whose paths would never have
crossed ours had it not been for Cursillo, and yet they become so important to our journey that we wonder how we would make it
without them. Grouping and Ultreya, as aspects of the Cursillo Movement and method, are designed to reconnect us to the
companions we have met on our journey and to support each other in not just speaking the Good News that Jesus loves us, but
living the Good News.

If you are grouping, keep it up. If you are not grouping, contact a Secretariat member or attend a convenient Ultreya and talk to
those attending. We are all pilgrims on the journey and they way becomes easier when we share and support and sacrifice to
help each other. Pray, ponder, plan and then take action.[Excerpted from National Cursillo Center Mailing—June 2011]

May 9, 2017

Neal Garwood, long-time active member and dear friend of the Fort Wayne-South Bend Cursillista Community,
passed away to God, on Sunday, May 7, 2017:

Neal Garwood - 2017

Neal R. Garwood, Sr. - January 27, 1945 - May 7, 2017

Neal R. Garwood, Sr., of South Bend, passed away peacefully, surrounded by his immediate family, Sunday May 7, 2017 at
Memorial Hospital. He was born on January 27, 1945, in Cassopolis, MI, to the late Donald F. and Eva M. (Blanchard) Garwood.
On June 19, 1965 he married Sheri Letcher, who survives. Also surviving are his daughter,; Anne (Kevin Jr.) Renn of Noblesville, IN;
his two sons, Neal Jr. of Niles, MI and Eric of St. Petersburg, FL; three grandchildren, Korie Riley, Joseph Garwood and Knute Renn;
three great-grandchildren; and four brothers, Donald C. of Coos Bay, OR, David B. of Edwardsburg, MI, Mark F. of South Bend and
Michael G. of Maple Plain, MN. Neal was employed as a sheet metal supervisor for JC Lauber, before retiring in 2002. He was a
parishioner of Christ the King Church, an active member of the Cursillo Movement and he enjoyed fishing, hunting, kayaking, playing
guitar and more. A memorial visitation will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. Thursday May 11, 2017 at Kaniewski Funeral Home,
3545 N. Bendix Dr., South Bend, where a Rosary will be prayed at 5:30 p.m.  A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 10 a.m.
Friday May 12, 2017 at Christ the King Catholic Church, 52473 SR 933, South Bend.  Memorial contributions may be made to
the Ft. Wayne-South Bend Diocese Cursillo @ www.fwsbcursillo.org.
For pictures and to send online condolences, please visit www.kaniewski.com.

Prepared by Dave Garwood

March 4, 2017:

Lent 2017

Lent is upon us. The smudged foreheads we see remind us that we are in period of penitence. We are asked to pray and sacrifice
and prepare for the Sacred Triduum which commemorates God’s gift of salvation to all of us. The daily Mass reading leading up to
Ash Wednesday have reminded us of the need to offer meaningful prayer and sacrifice to God. We are asked to give of our time,
talents and treasure to God’s purposes in recognition of all God has bestowed on us through His grace and mercy. Sharing that grace and
mercy with others is what evangelization is. And Cursillo offers a meaningful way to evangelize. During this Lent, consider bringing
someone you know, an acquaintance or a friend, into a closer relationship with Jesus. And if appropriate, invite that person to consider
investing three days in a Cursillo Weekend. You can contact the rectors for the next Men’s and Women’sWeekends or the Pre-Cursillo Chair
listed below for information on how to go about sponsoring a friend.

Remember to offer your prayers for Cursillo.

Bill D’Andrea, Men’s Rector, (260) 982-7695
Patti Hobbs, Women’s Rector, (260) 424-5314
Steve Sulentic, PreCursillo Chair, (574) 340-0790

ALL Secretariat Vacancies Now Filled!

Please note the list of Secretariat members in the left hand column. ALL vacances have been filled! Thank you for volunteering and
may the Good Lord continue to bless you all!

The Three Day Cursillo Weekends:

St. Felix Catholic Center

The next Men’s Weekend, #90, is scheduled September 21st through September 24th, 2017 and is to be held at St. Felix Catholic Center
located in Huntington, Indiana. The Center was formerly a Capuchin Friary. When the Friary closed, the premises passed through several
hands until being restored to serving the Catholic faith. Father Solanus Casey, whose beatification was announced on May 4, 2017, resided
at the then Friary from 1946 to 1956. His cell there is preserved. Contact the Men's Three-Day Weekend rector, Bill D’Andrea (See below).

The Women's Three-Day Weekend for 2017 has not yet been scheduled. Watch this page for developments or contact the Women's Rector,
Patti Hobbs (see below),

Bill D’Andrea, Men’s Rector, (260) 982-7695.
Patti Hobbs, Women’s Recto for next Women's Cursillo (not yet scheduled for 2017. Please call (260) 424-5314.)
Steve Sulentic, PreCursillo Chair, (574) 340-0790


Rick JenningsWith the arrival of 2017 there are changes everywhere. One area of change will be the listing of the Secretariat on the
front page of this Newsletter. Rick Jennings of Our Lady of Good Hope Parish in Fort Wayne will be the Lay Director.  
Rick has been the Assistant Lay Director for the past two years and has been on several teams since he made Men’s
Cursillo 84.  He is currently the rector for the upcoming Men’s Cursillo 90.  Your prayers for him and the others who
comprise the Secretariat are needed and appreciated. Tom Hobbs will be moving from Palanca Chair to Post Cursillo
Chair, a position that has been vacant for many months. His position as Palanca Chair has been taken by Ric Lomanto
of St. Jude, Fort Wayne.

Several positions, Assistant Lay Director and Secretary, remain unfilled and some positions are being filled by holdovers whose terms have expired.  If you have an interest in serving, contact one of the secretariat members listed on page 1 of the December Newsletter.


In 1998, more than 50 years after Eduardo Bonnin and a group of Catholic laymen, with support from some clergy, had conducted the first
Cursillo weekend, Pope John Paul, II, published his Apostolic Exhortation on the VOCATION AND THE MISSION OF THE LAY
FAITHFUL IN THE CHURCH AND IN THE WORLD. Cursillo had anticipated the movement of the Church to emphasize and encourage the Catholic laity in their responsibilities as baptized members of Christ’s Church. If one reads St. John Paul’s Exhortation, the purpose and
method of Cursillo can be recognized. St. John Paul stated: “A new state of affairs today both in the Church and in social, economic,
political and cultural life, calls with a particular urgency for the action of the lay faithful. If lack of commitment is always unacceptable,
the present time renders it even more so. It is not permissible for anyone to remain idle.”[3] The “world” is where the lay faithful fulfill their Christian vocation.[15] The lay person’s prime vocation is to holiness, what we in Cursillo refer to as Piety, a loving relationship
with God through Jesus Christ.[16] The vocation of the lay person includes participation in the Church’s mission of salvation in the world
.[23] Every baptized Christian is called to grow the Church.[28] “Above all, each member of the lay faithful should always be fully aware of
being a ‘member of the Church’ yet entrusted with a unique task which cannot be done by another and which is to be fulfilled for the good
of all.”

St. John Paul pointed out that groups of lay faithful can aid the lay faithful in their Chrisian vocation.[30] And the lay faithful need to have formation, what we in Cursillo call Study. “The fundamental objective of the formation of the lay faithful is an ever clearer discovery of one's vocation and the ever-greater willingness to live it so as to fulfil one's mission.”[58] Fulfilling one’s mission is to “bear fruit”, what we in
Cursillo refer to as Action. “It is not a question of simply knowing what God wants from each of us in the various situations of life.
The individual must do what God wants, as we are reminded in the words that Mary, the Mother of Jesus, addressed to the servants at
Cana: ‘Do whatever he tells you’(Jn 2:5). However, to act in fidelity to God's will requires acapability for acting and the developing of that capability. We can rest assured that this is possible through the free and responsible collaboration of each of us with the grace of the Lord
which is never lacking.”[58]

In forming the faithful, St John Paul noted various sources of that formation: God is the first and great teacher of his People[61], the
Church, the Christian family, schools and universities. He mentions a last source for the formation of the lay faithful. "Groups, associations
and movements also have their place in the formation of the layaithful. In fact they have the possibility, each with its own method, of offering
a formation through a deeply shared experience in the apostolic life, as well as having the opportunity to integrate, to make concrete and
specific the formation that their members rreceive from other persons and communities.”[62] Cursillo with its emphasis on Piety, Study and
Action and the sharing of apostolic life through grouping and Ultreya and forming Cursillistas through the Weekend and the School
of Leaders makes it possible for the layperson to fulfill their Christian vocation in the world they inhabit. If you have made a weekend and
done nothing more to learn of the grace filled gift of Cursillo (its Charism), talk to a Cursillista you know about ways you might participate in movement not only for what it can do for you but what you can do for others.


Cursillo Weekends are an essential element of the Cursilllo Movement. But the Cursillo Weekend is not the ultimate goal of the Cursillo
Movement. The ultimate goal of the Movement is to have the participants live their FOURTH DAY after the three-day weekend ‐ living a
faithful life of grace and sharing it. The two other elements of the Movement are Pre‐Cursillo and Post‐Cursillo and the Cursillo Movement
cannot survive if any of those three elements are ignored, neglected or overlooked. Pre‐Cursillo involves the selection and preparation of
friends to invite to participate in the Cursillo Weekend. Post‐Cursillo involves the introduction to and support of new Cursillistas in their
FOURTH DAY. Cursillo is not just a retreat weekend. It is not an organization. It is a movement, the formation of small faith groups who
share their piety, study and action in the world they inhabit. They witness their ideal of living a life of grace 24/7, 365 days a year. If you
have experienced a Cursillo Weekend and want to share that experience and pass it on, consider sponsoring a Catholic friend to make an
upcoming Cursillo Weekend. It’s a way of sharing your faith.

The Men’s and a Women’s Weekend planned for this Spring are being rescheduled. The teams are being formed.The next Men’s Weekend,
#90, is scheduled September 21st through September 24, 2017 and is to be held at St. Felix Catholic Center
located in Huntington, Indiana. The Women's Three-Day Weekend has not been rescheduled as yet. Anyone who is willing to help in the process are urged to contact a member of the Secretariat. For more information you can contact the following:

Bill D’Andrea, Men’s Rector, (260) 982-7695
Patti Hobbs, Women’s Rector, (260) 424-5314
Steve Sulentic, PreCursillo Chair, (574) 340-0790


If you examine the column to the left that lists the members of the diocesan Secretariat, you will note that two positions appear in
RED and indicate that the positions are vacant. Any Cursillista who has an interest in learning what those positions entail and wishes to
consider undertaking the responsibility, can contact any of the other listed Secretariat members for additional information. As we approach
the end of 2016, a number of Secretariat positions will be open. This is because we have term limits and want to give the opportunity
to serve the Lord and Cursillo in this special way to more Cursillistas. All that is required is a willing spirit and commitment to serve.



As we all know, our Cursillo movement runs solely on donations. Not only does it take a lot of time and effort to keep Cursillo moving
forward, but it also takes money. As we prepare for the next men’s weekend, I want to ask you for two things; to pray for its success
and also consider sponsoring a candidate. We want to make this next weekend the best we can for our candidates. You can have a big part
in that success by sponsoring a candidate in two ways, by helping them to become a Cursillista and also monetarily. To defray the cost of
the weekend, we ask candidate’s to donate $100 (we all remember the Sorrowful Rollo). How great would it make you feel if you helped
out your fellow Cursillistas, especially at the beginning of their fourth day? Even if you don’t sponsor someone to be on the weekend, please consider making a donation to help with the cost of putting on the weekend.

Scott Weber (574) 233-3119, Treasurer

$3 A YEAR!

Faithful readers of the Newsletter may recall reading about the $3/YR Campaign Fund back in 2013 and again in 2014. The plan was to
ask every Cursillista in the United States to contribute $3 each year for 5 years. Yes, the idea was to get each person who had made a
Cursillo to contribute a grand total of $15 to the National Cursillo Center. Why this article in August of 2016? The response in the Fort
Wayne – South Bend Diocese could not be described as overwhelming. A May 15 memo from the National Cursillo Service Administrato ,
Hoang Tran, provides some pertinent information.

As you know, the $3/YR Campaign was introduced in 2013 at the 23rd National Encounter at Hofstra University in New York as a
solution to a brighter future for the Cursillo Movement in the United States. We have received $109K as of April 2016 and given back
$146K to Diocesan Cursillo Movements as follows:

- $70K: extra 10% book discount during FY2015 & FY 2016
- $50K: reduced National Encounter (NE) registration fee in 2014, 2015 and 2016
- $21K: National Encounter vouchers for Lay Directors
- $5K: book vouchers & workshops for establishing Cursillo Movements

The $3/YR Campaign fund has a negative balance of $37K; therefore, National Cursillo Center is not able to continue offering extra 10%
book discount for FY2017 unless we receive at least $40K from now till the end of September 2016. The participation ratio is still around
1%. Please reach out to the 99% of potential donors and create a momentum for building a brighter future for our beloved Cursillo
Movement. The campaign is depending on the 1,000,000 plus Cursillistas in the United States. WE are the faithful stewards of Cursillo
and this campaign. Without YOU there is no campaign. Without YOU there is no Cursillo. Without Cursillo, there is no Evangelization!
Thank you so much for your collaboration and continuous support!

It is not too late for Cursillistas in our diocese to make this minimal financial sacrifice from which we all benefit. Go to the following
link to see how easy and painless it is. https://www.natl-cursillo.org/donate-to-cursillo/.

Our diocesan Cursillo Movement could use your financial support, too. It’s not as easy as the National. Check the box below and mail
this form along with yoyr check to the name and address indicated in the form. Thank you!.


Patti Hobbs, Chair of the School of Leaders, has prepared a syllabus outlining the focus of the upcoming SOL sessions. For the next
several months the SOL will focus on materials from the Leaders’ Manual, which is available from the National Cursillo Office. [Check a
the following website for publications available.]


Anyone who wants to support and participate in Cursillo needs to learn more about the purpose and method of the Cursillo movement so that
they can be effective in their evangelization. The SOL provides an avenue to do so. Check the dates, times and
location below. At the SOL Cursillistas exchange information and ideas of how to bring the grace, the gift, of Cursillo to their parish and environments.

  • June 15, 2017 6:30-8:00 St. Martin's, Syracuse
  • July 20, 2017 6:30-8:00 St. Martin's, Syracuse

April 12, 2016

Team 89 Theme

Men's Cursillo Weekend #89!

Men’s Weekend #89 concluded on Sunday evening, April 10, when 17 men were welcomed into the Fort Wayne - South Bend Cursillo
movement. The new Cursillistas are David Huneck, Brian Isen-barger, Richard Knight, Arthur "Chip" Leinen, Scott Oppermann,
Andy Risch, Steve Roschek. Bob Sanders. Ash Scarbrough, Mark "Hut" Scheibelhut, Bob Sedlmeyer, Justin Seng, Dane Starkey,
Chip Vandell, Jonathon Wheeler, Erik Williams and Dean Witte.

Spiritual Directors were Fr. Robert (Bob) Nogosek, C.S.C, and Fr. Drew Curry who were assisted by Msgr. Bill Schooler, Fr. Glenn
Kohrman, and Fr. Tom Shoemaker. Rector Tim Weber and his assistant Rick Jennings led a team consisting of Sean Allen, Rick Annis,
Mark Bryant, Paul Curry, Bill D'Andrea, Dan Kuzma, Tony Luber, Scott Weber, Adam Wendel, and John Wendel.

To view a larger version of the photo below that would be suitable for printing, click on the photo:

Men's Cursillo #89

English-speaking Men's 3-Day Cursillo #89
Alive Again"
Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese
held at the Sacred Heart Parish Center
Notre Dame, Indiana

April 7 - 10, 2016

From left to right, front to back:

First row
Bill D’Andrea, Richard Knight, Sean Allen, Jon Wheeler, Brian Isenbarger,
Dane Starkey, Steve Roschek, Erik Williams, Justin Seng, Dan Kuzma.

Second row
Fr. Drew Curry, Scott Weber, Tim Weber, David Huneck, Paul Curry, Andy Risch, Dean Witte,
Scott Oppermann, Bob Sedlmeyer, Rick Annis, Fr. Bob Nogosek, Mark Bryantr

Third row
Tony Luber, John Wendel, Adam Wendel, Chip Leinen, Bob Sanders, Ash Scarbrough,
Mark Scheibelhut, Chip Vandell, Rick Jennings

Weekend participants who are not in the above photo were: Msgr. Bill Schooler, Fr. Glenn Kohrman and Fr. Tom Shoemaker.

We have the opportunity to welcome our new Cursillista brothers to the Cursillo community This Thursday, April 14, 2016,
at 7:00 p.m. at an Ultreya at St. Patrick's Parish Center in South Bend, IN and at St. Vincent's Parish in Fort Wayne, IN.
Come, and bring a friend.

Forms you need to review if sponsoring a friend for the upcoming Cursillo Weekend:.

Don’t wait until the last minute to ask your friend.

Women's 3-Day 2014 Cursillo Weekend was agreat Success! FIFTEEN new Cursillista joined our community!

Below is the photo of the women who participated in our English-speaking Women's 3-Day Cursillo, #69, held from October 9
through 12, 2014 at the Wawasee Episcopal Centerr in Syracuse, Indiana. .

For a larger version of this photo below, suitable for printing, click on the photo. To see an even LARGER photo with much more
detail, click on the larger photo when it opens in your web browser.

English-speaking Women's 3-Day Cursillo #69
Companions on the Journey"
Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese
held at the Wawasee Episcopal Center
Syracuse, Indiana

October 9 - 12, 2014

From left to right, front to back:

First row (seated on grass)
Mary Weber, Carol Napoli, Val  Kramer, Marta Cummings, Christy Howe

Second row
Libby Anderson. Dolores Klawitter, Rosemary Rohyans, Angela Eppard,
Rev. Robert J. Nogosek, C.S.C., Mary Ann Pajot, Kris Kerby, Lisa Sands

Third row

Amy Curry, Patti Hobbs, Ann Gray, Gina O'Brien.
Isabella Dcr'an, BVM, Kellimarie Pyle, Kay Fortman, Gee Gee Tharp

 Fourth row
Jill Henderson, Pat Johnson, Debbie Curry,
Marylyn Eppard, Carrie Tippmann, Diane Ort, Jill Slagel

Not  shown in photo above:
Spiritual Advisors
Rev. Paul Bueter, C.S.C. (who recently went home to God).

and Rev. Jacob Meyer

The next Women's 3-Day Men's Cursillo Weekend has been scheduled for September 21-24, 2017 at the St. Felix Catholic Center
in Huntington, IN. The next Women's Cursillo Weekend has not yet been scheduled.

Fort Wayne - South Bend Diocese Cursillo Newsletter Is Available on our Website!

The monthly newsletter and all of its back issues are available for downloading from this website in Adobe PDF formats. Go to our Cursillo Newsletter page to see the current and back issues of the monthly newsletter.


Check out our Pastoral Plan (approved December 4, 2008). Also, take a look at our Ft. Wayne-South Bend Cursillo Movement's most
recent By-Laws, updated by the Secretariat on October 2, 2014, to see the leadership roles that we now have.

We continue to accept applications for future Men's and Women's Cursillos. Please continue to pray and do palanca for present and
future candidates! Remember: Make a friend, be a friend, bring a friend to Christ in your search for candidates. For more information or
copies of the Candidate and Sponsor forms for future 3-Day Weekend in 2017, please phone or email: Don Napoli
(home: 574-234-9177; cell: 574-514-8922; email: donald.napoli@fwsbcursillo.org; or donald.napoli@yahoo.com, or see our Candidate Application, Sponsor Form, and Sponsor Guidelines that can be downloaded from this site. Ultreya! Onward!


Ft. Wayne-South Bend Diocese Cursillistas Database: Our Fort Wayne-South Bend Cursillista Database is no longer available over the Internet.
To obtain contact information about Cursillistas from our diocese, please contact Don Napol at donald.napoli@fwsbcursillo.org or at donald.napoli@yahoo.comi.

2017 Cursillo Activities for the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend


First Thursday of the Month
St. Patrick Parish Center, South Bend, IN - 7:00 P/M.

Second Thursday of the Month
St. Vincent, Forth Wayne, IN - 7:00 P.M.

Fourth Thursday of the Month
Knights of Columbus Hall, Syracuse, IN - 7:00 P.M.


The School of Leaders for 2017 will meet on the Third Thursday of the month
at St. Martin de Porres Parish House in Syracuse
at 6:30 P.M. Sessions are usually less than 90 minutes. All Cursillistas are invited.

The monthly Secretariat meeting will be followed by the School of Leaders meeting on the Third Thursday of each month
at St. Martin de Porres Parish House in Syracuse (at about 8:00 P.M.).

Three Day Cursillo Weekends

The next Men’s Weekend, #90< has been scheduled for Thursday evening, September 21st through Sunday evening, September 24, 2017.
This Men's Cursillo Weekend will be held at the St. Felix Catholic Center in Huntington, IN.

The Women’s Weekendis being planned, but so far no dates or location have been determined. Anyone who is willing to help in the process are urged to contact a member of the Secretariat. For more information you can contact the following:

Bill D’Andrea, Men’s Rector, (260) 982-7695.
Patti Hobb, Women’s Rector, (260) 424-5314
Steve Sulentic, PreCursillo Chair, (574) 340-0790

For questions, suggestions or comments about the Ft. Wayne/South Bend Cursillo,
please contact the Cursillo Newsletter editorial staff at cursillo.newsletter@fwsbcursillo.org or Don Napoli at

For questions, suggestions or comments about this website,
please contact Don Napoli at donald.napoli@fwsbcursillo.org.This webpage was created on 02/02/2001 nnd
was last updated on 05/31/2017